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In my work as an NHS GP I was passionate about informed consent, bodily autonomy and medical freedom. Patients should always be allowed to make their own decisions about medical interventions. The health professional is responsible for conveying clearly the risks and benefits of any intervention as they impact on the patient in front of them. The choice to be vaccinated or remain vaccine free should be made on health benefits.

The Vaccine Control Group offers a way of recording that personal choice, recording the health impacts of that choice and helping to ensure that there is no discrimination based on that choice.

I have been working as a volunteer with the founders and have been impressed by their integrity and professionalism.

Dr Jon Rogers, MBChB (Bristol) MRCGP DRCOG (Retired NHS GP), UK
A vaccine control group, especially for Covid-19 vaccines, is extremely useful, even necessary, for the following reasons:
  1. We are dealing with a vaccination technology that has never been used in humans before.
  2. All studies that have planned a control group long term, i.e. longer than only 6 weeks, have meanwhile been compromised, i.e. there are no real control groups around, because those originally allocated to the control group have mostly been vaccinated now. So there are no real control groups available.
  3. Covid-19 vaccinations are one of the biggest experiments on mankind ever conducted - without a control group. Hence those, who are either not willing to be vaccinated or have not yet been vaccinated are our only chance to understand whether the vaccines are safe or whether symptoms reported after vaccination are actually due to the vaccination or are only an incidental occurrence or random fluctuation.
Comparing unvaccinated people and those with a vaccination history regarding Covid-19 vaccines long term is important to determine long-term safety, because in many instances in the past some problems only were seen after quite some time. This can happen, if auto-immune processes are triggered, which often occur only in very few people. Hence, it is also important to have a long-term observation period and a large number of people participating.  Prof. Dr. Dr. phil. Harald Walach
As a board certified family medicine physician in practice for over 20 years, I am puzzled how a new untested medical technology like the mRNA shot for SARS CoV-2 can be manufactured, marketed and mandated for public use without proper studies involving a rigorous control group. The ability to collect data points has been compromised by the overreaching political and social pressure to mandate vaccines. The Control Group Cooperative is doing what the research scientist should have done before the shot was released and is making it possible for data to be collected on patients who elect to avoid the mRNA shot. This voluntary control group is the only chance to see the full effects of the COVID vaccine. Dr Michael Kloess, MD, United States.
Creating a control group to study the long-term effects of the novel immunizations against Covid-19 should not be controversial. Whether someone is in favor of these recent mRNA and adenovirus based immunizations or not, everyone should applaud the initiative. This study is necessary so that data from the small group of unimmunized individuals worldwide can be obtained, and we can learn if these immunizations confer unexpected long-term benefits or cause long-term negative side-effects. The researchers who have put together this group should be commended for taking the initiative to put together this study when public health authorities world wide abdicated their responsibility to do so. Linda Benskin, PhD, RN, SRN (Ghana), USA.
The World is in need of honest science and unbiased research so that practitioners and patients may make better informed decisions prior to consenting to new drug therapies. Although many new and seemingly effective infection control techniques and strategies have formed since the beginning of the "pandemic", treatment decisions have been made on poorly constructed and poorly controlled "studies" that, in the past, would have not been considered for scientific publication for lacking quality of findings and integrity of subjects. Populations of concerned and caring peoples whether in healthcare or general citizenry can come together and participate for the good of all by invoking our individual right to participate in an ongoing World experimental study by being the necessary "control" group vital for a legitimate and properly designed Clinical Control Study, the gold standard for medical research. Dr. Emery M. Cole II, USA
The current injections have no true control group (unvaccinated). Instead, they use another vaccine as a control group, so they can hide adverse reactions. I support this Control Group as it provides the needed unvaccinated to accurately compare results with. Dr Wesley Sheader, USA.
A control group is incredibly important to scientifically empower people to realise there is nothing to fear from not being vaccinated against covid 19. People all over the world have been manipulated into believing that they will in some way endanger those they love, and others around them, if they do not comply. None of which has any scientific backing whatsoever. I have worked throughout, never missing a days work, and have continued serving the patients I come into contact with. I recently completed an antibody test which revealed no antibodies. This means that being naturally, fit, healthy, and by practicing simple but effective methods of hygiene, I can keep my patients safe. It also means, importantly, that legally I cannot have put any patients at any increased risk of catching covid 19. So personally, a forced vaccine would be completely useless to me personally. And has no bearing on my future patient's safety. Using someone such as myself in a control group, can go a long way to proving that health care professionals do not require, and should never be coerced, into taking a vaccine. My immune system is strong, evidenced by my sickness record of 5 days in 16 years as a paramedic. Chris Taylor, Paramedic, UK.
I do not wish to have the vaccination as it is still in its clinical trial phase, and evidence does not, at this time, support its efficacy. I believe a control group is an absolute necessity to get the required comparisons between long term vaccinated / unvaccinated. J H, Registered Nurse, New Zealand.
It is with great pleasure that I am afforded an opportunity to take part in this observable, scientific study. I look forward to meeting others in the study group to discuss and observe the positive effects of a healthy immune system, [reported] world challenges and worldwide, healing solutions. In my opinion, an essential key to the health of mind, body, emotion and spirit is through personal freedom and our God-given, individual choice. Voices for Choices. Doctor of Natural Medicine, United States.
I am supportive of a vaccine Control Group as this is essential for any trial. A Control Group surely gives weight to any researchers skill of drawing conclusions from any study. As the current COVID “Vaccines” are within the trial phase, it is essential, to me, that to allow any researcher to be able to determine whether a treatment / vaccine has a beneficial effect on the experimental group, there needs to be a Control Group. This will reduce the possibility of a false conclusion. I am very happy to be part of this Control Group and put to good use, my decision not to have any COVID “vaccine” at this time. Jan, Registered Nurse, UK.
A Project of Crucial Importance

First of all, I thank the initiators for the enormous and important project they have started. A control group is not only needed, but vital to examine by comparison if a treatment really works.

Studies Must be Carried out Until Evidence is Reached Let us start by looking at studies that led to major changes in radiation oncolgy in the 1980s and 1990s. Patients suffering from malignant soft tissue sarcomas had their limbs amputated until it was clearly proven that limb preserving surgery combined with radiation therapy would not compromise their prognosis (1). Women suffering from early stage breast cancer had their breasts amputated until it could be demonstrated that the excision of the tumor followed by radiation therapy was equal to mastectomy (2). We can easily understand that the studies had to be conducted until the results were confirmed, meaning that people sadly still lost parts of their bodies with all the physical and psychological consequences. However, this is science as it must be carried out.

One of Many Problems with the Vaccine Trials After short term studies, published by press release, the control groups have been destroyed deliberately by vaccinating most of the participants in these.

A Large Control Group for Reliable Results Thus, we do not only need a control group, but a large one in order to generate data which is as statistically reliable as possible.

What We Need to Know We need to find out about the following, among many other aspects:

  • infection rates in comparison with and without vaccination, severity, death rate
  • how long natural immunity after having recovered from covid lasts
  • life expectancy
  • cancer rates, cancer recurrence
  • female and male fertility and rates of birth defects
  • more about rates of side effects, such as blood clotting disorders, heart attacks, etc. etc.

Differences Between Unvaccinated Depending on the Number of Vaccinated Around Them? A scientist from Israel has told me that many people there, who chose not to be vaccinated, experience various symptoms akin to side effects of the vaccines. Is there a correlation between the number of unvaccinated people reporting such symptoms and the number of vaccinated people around them? If so, what scientific findings could explain this phenomenon?

Thank You Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone taking part in this crucial project or helping with the huge amount of scientific work.


  1. Rosenberg SA, Tepper J, Glatstein E et al. (1982): The treatment of soft-tissue sarcomas of the extremities. Ann Surg 196:305-315
  2. AD, Morris RD, Wilson JF et al. (1997): Breast-conserving therapy versus mastectomy in early stage breast cancer: A meta-analysis of 10 years survival. Cancer J Sci Am 3:6-12

EM Schottdorf MD MSc
Master of Science in Drug Research and Management
Board Certified Prehospital Emergency Physician
Board Certified Specialist for Radiation Oncology
I believe that Natural Immunity is the best Immunity and it has been, from the beginning, the only way to end this COVID problem. My wife and I are on Prophylaxis and I don't expect we will get COVID. Therefore Vax Control Group was an attractive alternative. We are both in our late 70s so we are at an End of Life Age but COVID Prophylaxis will protect us. William H. Warrick III MD (Retired).
Science is about following the scientific method and for this a control group is an essential part of the study. This control group will down the road be seen as a valuable and essential part of the study, which many would agree was all too rapidly rolled out. Dr. Neil Benson, MD, FRACGP, Australia.
I believe that all people should have the right to chose what medical interventions are used for themselves. And that being medically correct is more important than being politically correct. Please help protect our right to choice. Thank you. Dr. Cheryl Vincent, DC, United States.

I have worked in the mental health field for most of my adult life and currently work full time as a psychotherapist.

I am a 57 year old woman and I am fortunate to have excellent health naturally and don't take any pharmaceutical medication.

I have not had a vaccination since I was a child and don't wish to start having them at this point in my life. I feel angry about the media hype re Covid19 and right from the start knew that the agenda was not about health... if it had been them the governments of the world would have been supplying everyone with vitamins and clean water... but they didn't! Instead there has been an on-going global push to get every man, woman and child injected with something - who knows quite what it is or why they want to do this! What I do know is that it is an experiment and evidence is showing it is creating millions of adverse effects and thousands of deaths in people all over the world. I will not take part in this experiment!

I am glad to be part of the Vaccine Control Group because any scientific experiment must surely need to compare the health outcomes of unvaccinated people alongside those being vaccinated to determine whether the product being injected is safe and beneficial or not.

I am also glad to put my name down as a mental health professional who does not agree with anyone being manipulated into having a medical procedure in order to participate in every day life. We should all be allowed to decide what we put into our bodies - if we lose this right, we lose everything.

Jane Margerison, BACP Registered Psychotherapist BSc, PGDip, RMN, UK.

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